Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Bridal Gowns

These are some bridal gowns I designed for my mother's little bridal company (at a few years ago. They make bridal gowns for brides as well as for bridal shops. They make one collection a year and every year I try to help them out with a few designs. I'm not making an overstatement if I say that their team made up of my mother, a few seamstresses , one or two outside beadworkers and one machine embroiderer make so beautiful work that it nearly looks like couture work. This means that when I design something it sometimes looks even better than in my wildest dreams. This is the real joy of creating, to see some plan come to life.
Another thing I love is making embroidery patterns.
Some twenty years ago my dream was to become a fashion designer, the best in the world. Right after high school I wanted to go to study fashion design at the University for Applied Arts, but I was not admitted. Actually I was not even aware of what they expected from the applicants. I did not try again, I went to study economics instead. Now I know that I would not have been the best in the world, but I still think that I could make a living as a fashion designer. It's a pity though that nearly the whole of fashion is only marketing today. Just read The End of Fashion by Teri Agins.


Anonymous said...

Nagyon szepek a ruhak. Who knows, you could have been the best fashion designer?! Never under-estimate your capabilities because you will only be as good as you think you are... if 10th best is as high as you think you could get, that's where you'll get.
Too bad your wings were clipped so early on, de lehet hogy szukseged volt az elmenyre amely ravezetett arra hogy megiscsak ezt kell tenned. Igy, evekkel kesobb, joval nagyobb "toloero" van mogotted. :))

agnes szucs said...

Nagyon köszönöm a kedves szavakat. You're perfectly right. I'm just about to learn to trust my own creativity and accept the gifts the universe gives me in turn. Your comment might be one of those.
És teljesen igazad van, így harmincon túl egész más hozzáállással (jó szó!) tanulok.
:) szucs