Wednesday, 27 February 2008

A women's weekly magazine

Cover and a few spreads from a women's weekly magazine that we had to make last semester as an assignment in school. We had to take an actual national weekly mag (everyone the same one), and remake twelve pages (also fixed by our teacher). I worked a lot on it. We also had to take into account that this was not an expensive glossy magazine, that it is to be produced over ad over every week, and we had to consider what possibly could be expected or accepted by the audience. In the end I was rather pleased with the result.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Logos made by hand

I made these logos at the admittance exam for the university. As I told before, we had no access to computers, thus we had to do everything by hand. I handed in the sketches as well, so that the teachers can see my thinking that went into the resultant logos. I quite like these logos. My favorite is the middle one in the upper row, where the negative shapes form a letter K. The assignment was to make a logo for a small theatre called KAMRA (meaning Pantry).

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Inspiration: Barcsay

But let me return to the "drawing side" of life and share with you the above drawings. Barcsay was a teacher of my current anatomy (Anatomy for Artists) teacher, whom I like a lot. Barcsay was a constructivist painter. Still, he took on himself the responsibility of teaching human anatomy to the artist wannabes at the Academy (university), and devised a sytem for teaching anatomy. We still study by his system. You can buy his anatomy book at

Monday, 4 February 2008

Inspiration: Lacroix

Even in graphic design, many times I find the inspiration I need in fashion, especially for color. Whenever I make a moodboard, I would browse the Web or flip through magazines to find the mood that later on I want to convey in my design, and quite often, I find it in outfits or fashion photography.
As for Christian Lacroix, he's among my all-time favourites. Excentric but lovable.
(foto source:

3D object with felt pens

This image is from the entrance exam for the university. The assignment was simply to take an A4-size sheet, make a 3D-object out of it and depict it any graphic way you like. This was the first ever study picture that I made using felt tip pens. I thought it would be a good challange, and it was. I used two pens, a darker redish one and an olivey green. The challange was not really when to use which pen, but to manage to finish on time, as time was short and the papaer so big. Still, it turned out to be a good idea to depict the object this way, because most everyone used charcoal or graphite, and this was a handy way to stick out from the crowd. All in all, there were some 270 people wanting to get admited to the Graphic Design Dept. of the university, and only 16 were chosen.

Impossible triangle made of impossible cubes

An illustration I made for a school assignment. Not a big deal but I still like it. It was not easy to figure out how the whole thing would work out.