Wednesday, 12 November 2008


Last semester we had to "design" aliens, supposing that we discovered a new planet with life.
My creatures have powerful antennae in their bodies thus they can receive any wavelength in the whole universe, over any distance. Their favourit place to "receive" is Earth. They love Earth's culture and painting (especially Baroque).
They have no real skin. Instead, their body is covered mostly with small ledlike cells. Thus they can simply (with just a thought) project any picture on their body. The above ones project paintings found in Earth's museums. Funny thing, but they can somehow feel what these paintings are all about and the pictures they project on themselves somehow reflect who they are. But of course they can change these "chlothes" any moment if they want to.

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Inspiration: Quotes

Whenever I'm in doubt (and sometimes I am) about my own capabilities either in art or otherwise, it's good to read texts or just quotes that remind me of the fact that I'm a spirit capable of virtually anything. It's so easy to forget this.
Me as an artist tend to fear being wrong. This leads to creating mediocre stuff or sometimes even to not creating at all. I know I have to be more courrageous and not fear being wrong. On my way to being a great (or at least good) artist I will make many mistakes, and I should not be afraid of this.