Saturday, 13 February 2010

An Old One

This is an old "academic-style" drawing that I made some two years ago at the university.
I'm about to attend the life-drawing class again. Life drawing is mandatory only in the first two years, but I think it could do good. I'm freaked out tho. Haven't drawn for a year and a half or so.
(charcoal on tinted paper, 50x70 cms, but this picture is cropped)


Priya said...

Hi Agnes,
Yes, I do visit your blog, but I find it has more interior design now.
I hope you never stop drawing because your pictures are amazing and inspiring. So much better than mine.

Flara said...

perfect piece of art!!! You're very talented Agnes:) xx

agnes szucs said...

:) :) :)

T E X T U R E said...

this is fantastic

agnes szucs said...

thanks, so much! i'm glad you like it! :)