Sunday, 30 December 2007


These are three yet unretouched versions of pages from a so-called calendar that we had to make last year (at school). All we had to do was make abstract representations of the twelve months. Actually I scanned these montages that I made from pages of an old stock photography catalog called Taxi (I think it's from Getty Images). As I told before I somehow love paper montage even though it might look somewhat childish, amateurish or simply old-fashioned. Once scanned and printed, they look more polished than viewed in reality. The above representations are January, February and October, respectively. In October 1956 we had a revolution here in Hungary, that's why I didn't make this month into a simple Autumn scene but made it a bit more stressful and more warlike. Otherwise I simply made compositions in color and line (the edges) that made me feel the flair of the respective months.

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